MLS Laser Therapy

Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Therapy is an innovative, FDA-approved treatment protocol for reducing pain, inflammation and swelling, and jumpstarting the healing process in a variety of foot and ankle conditions.

How Does MLS Laser Therapy Work?

This type of laser therapy transmits different controlled therapeutic wavelengths of light energy in a pulsed and continuous pattern to offer superior healing properties.
The synchronized wavelengths pass through the outer layer of skin and precisely target damaged soft tissue underneath to stimulate healing, while reducing pain and inflammation with no side effects. Unlike other types of lasers, MLS is low intensity, does not heat the body up during treatment, and is painless.

Sessions last for roughly 10 minutes, and the patient is able to resume their normal lifestyle immediately. For some conditions repeated sessions my be necessary, depending on the type and severity of the condition. Results from MLS Laser Therapy are usually experienced in a relatively short period of time and benefits get progressively better with repeated treatments.

What Does MLS Therapy Treat?

Podiatrist use this cutting-edge laser therapy to treat pain and inflammation for a wide range of foot and ankle ailments including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • Neuromas
  • Neuropathies
  • Sports injuries
  • Tendon & ligament injuries
  • Muscle sprains & strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Other soft tissue injuries

Contact your podiatrist to learn more about this non-invasive treatment and whether it can accelerate healing and provide pain relief for your condition.

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